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Dothan City Schools
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Our mission is to empower all students for the choices and challenges of the twenty-first century. We believe that we should teach students to respect themselves, others, and the environment, that we should teach students to participate productively and responsibly in a rapidly changing society, that we should teach them to communicate effectively, that we should teach them to use cooperative and independent learning strategies, that we should teach them to apply problem solving processes, and that we should teach them to set and meet high standards.


Dothan, Alabama is the largest city in southeast Alabama with a population of 66,408 (2008). It is the county seat of Houston County, Alabama's newest county (1903), which has a population of 98,488 (2008). Portions of Dothan also lie in Dale and Henry counties. Dothan (pronounced DOE-thun) is the largest city in an 85-mile radius and this contributes to making it a center for shopping and medical care. The community from which Dothan emerged was originally known as Poplar Head, named for a local spring and gathering spot. The town incorporated on November 11, 1885, while still part of Henry County.

Dothan is often referred to as:
"The Peanut Capital of the World" - Approximately half of the peanuts grown in the United States are grown within a 100-mile radius of Dothan; Dothan is home to the National Peanut Festival, a two-week celebration held every October-November. 
"The Hub of the Wiregrass" - Dothan is the largest city in the Wiregrass, an area encompassing parts of southwestern Georgia, southeastern Alabama, and the Florida panhandle. It is named for Aristida stricta, a plant native to the area, commonly known as wiregrass due to its texture. Intensive cultivation has almost eliminated all occurrences of the plant in natural settings.
"Alabama's Mural City" - Downtown Dothan is home to almost two dozen murals depicting the colorful history of Dothan and the Wiregrass region. The murals are all viewable from city streets.
"The Circle City" - When the Ross Clark Circle was built in the early sixties to completely encircle the city, few planners would have predicted just how quickly the city would grow beyond its limits. The 14-mile four-lane highway was authorized by former Governor "Big Jim" Folsom who directed that it be named for his favorite brother-in-law. At the time it was believed to be one of the first highways in America to completely enclose a city.


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The correct name of the public school district of Dothan, Alabama, is "The Dothan City Schools" or "Dothan City Schools". The name is singular in all usages.

The correct name of the governing body of the Dothan City Schools is "The Dothan City Board of Education".

School districts in Alabama are most commonly referred to as "School Systems" but the term "School Districts" is also correct. All public school districts in Alabama are either County systems or City systems. There is one county school system for each of the state's 67 counties and there are 65 city school systems (Jefferson County has 11; 27 counties have none).

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